Programs at Kinder Care

Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love of learning. At Kinder Care we do not believe in creating robots who execute rote memory of course content. We want to create real learners who have complex, flexible maps of learning that allow them to change course if necessary. To do so, learners must learn for meaningfulness.

Our Programs at school are:

Program Description Age Groups
Cosy Care Professional Infant & Toddler Care 6 months and above
Play Group 2 years +
Pre Nursery 2.6 years +
Nursery 3 years +
K.G 4 years +
Day Care After school care b/w 1pm- 7pm 2 years +
Kinder Camps Holiday camps and workshops 2- 16 years
KC Classes Extra curricular classes & learning 4- 16 years



The Six Skills: Our Core curriculum is based around the following Six Skills of Development:
1) Physical and Motor Development
2) Language Development
3) Cognitive Development
4) Social Development
5) Emotional Development
6) Creative Expression

The daily work plan at school is built keeping all of these in mind. Our teachers are trained to nurture and promote the development of these skills in our little ones.