Develop a healthy childhood for a healthier tomorrow

Develop a healthy childhood for a healthier tomorrow

Early childhood is the most impressionable time of the wherein a child’s right foundation for future growth is laid. Giving a child a congenial environment and bringing him or her close to nature would do wonders as it enhances the child’s cognitive growth. Allowing the child a free play in the mud would make him happier, calmer and stronger kid with a strong immune system. Rock and roll in open grounds will influence the growth. Mud play relaxes and soothes. Microscopic bacteria in the mud does all the magic.

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Imagine we as adults go for mud packs or mud bath spas for a calm and relax moods and these kids can get so naturally. Many overprotective and working parents go overboard with providing the latest indoor toys, gadgets, making  ‘Youtube’ so easily accessible on the pretext of providing safe surroundings. The fact remains that it’s more convenient than safe. It’s high time that we should go back to our roots. Think of our own childhood, the way it was spent.

Encourage the kids to plant a seed, water it daily,  dig the soil with a spade and watch the plant grow, this will eventually uplift a monotonous mood. Outdoor ‘do it yourself’ activities will bring about the cognitive growth of the child, as he/she would learn to imagine and create. Jumping in the puddles, watching the worms wriggle and start wriggling, running after butterflies, gazing at the clouds and more playing with friends without a certain set of instructions, making rules of their own, playing in a natural way with no inhibitions – all these add to child’s all-round growth. Don’t bother if their sneakers get wet or they get a slight bruise here and there.

Bring kids outdoors, introduce them to nature. Let them not miss out the fun just for the simple reason of a kid getting dirty or hurt outdoors. Maintaining a balance between risk and safety is what the watchful eye of a parent can do. Provide guidance where ever and whenever required and get surprised by what your child is capable of, more than what you had thought of.

Let’s help our kids reconnect with nature. Let’s not devoid them off its benefits.