Care At Kinder Care

Our Motto of Care & Kindness is epitomized by our teachers and staff. A Kinder-Care teacher is easy to identify, because she is a very special Person full of compassion and affection.

  • A Kinder Care teacher approaches the day with excitement. She uses the curriculum materials wisely and enriches Discovery Areas because she knows they in turn enrich the lives of the children.
  • A Kinder Care teacher is concerned with the safety of children. She supervises with awareness and creates an orderly, hazard-free environment.
  • A Kinder Care teacher disciplines with consistency and patience. She knows how to redirect attention and is willing to repeat instructions many times. She speaks to children in a voice that is loving and tender.
  • A Kinder Care teacher communicates with parents in a cheerful and a positive way. She knows that she has been entrusted with a parent’s greatest treasure and she lets parents know that each child is special to her as well.
  • A Kinder Care teacher is dedicated to her work because she knows that hers is the most important job in the entire world.